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Shadow Treasurer discusses the GST on first anniversary of its introduction.

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Simon Crean - ABC Radio, AM - Newspoll, GST Tuesday, 03 July 2001

Simon Crean - Shadow Treasurer

Interview with Catherine McGrath

Subjects: Newspoll, GST

Transcript - ABC Radio, AM - 29 June 2001


COMMENTATOR: Well Shadow Treasurer Simon Crean has been listening in to the Treasurer's comments. Mr Crean is also speaking to Catherine McGrath.

MCGRATH: Mr Crean this morning's Newspoll says that most Australians don't believe Labor will make major changes to the GST?

CREAN: Well that's what the headline says. But just have a look at the poll itself Catherine. What it shows is that 70% expect Labor to change the GST. But their expectations of the extent of that change are not high, because they know the Government's wrecked the budget. So, they understand that we'll be responsible in our rollback. And we'll only do what we can afford.

MCGRATH: Just very quickly, one year on, the GST still there and acceptance does seem to be increasing.

CREAN: Acceptance is not increasing. This is being more firmly rejected as time goes on. But it was interesting to listen to the Treasurer this morning. He was saying that they were frustrated in not being able to implement the GST, as they would have liked. What that means is, if they get re-elected, they'll put the GST on everything that's exempted now. And we know that eventually they want to put the rate up. Every Australian believes this Government will put the rate up and extend it to the exempt items at the moment. It's only Labor that's committed to rollback and 70% of people in this poll believe us when we say, we'll roll it back, but are confident that we won't do it in an irresponsible way.

MCGRATH: Simon Crean we'll need to leave it there. Thanks for your time this morning.

CREAN: Pleasure Cathy.


Authorised by Geoff Walsh, 19 National Circuit, Barton ACT 2600.

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