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Opposition Deputy Leader is confident that Opposition Leader's uranium mining arguments will prevail at ALP national conference.

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Monday 23 April 2007

Opposition Deputy Leader is confident that Opposition Leader's uranium mining arguments will prevail at ALP national conference


TONY EASTLEY: Labor's Deputy leader Julia Gillard believes it will be a difficult, hard fought debate on uranium mining at the conference, but in the end Kevin Rudd will win the day with his position. 


Julia Gillard is also speaking to Peta Donald. 


JULIA GILLARD: I believe that Kevin Rudd will prevail in this debate, but I expect it to be a vigorous debate, and that's appropriate. Labor is a democratic party, we value people's views and national conference is the time for people to put them.  


PETA DONALD: What do you think about this new amendment being put forward by the likes of Anthony Albanese. Do you think it will get up? 


JULIA GILLARD: Look, I've always understood that Mr Albanese has got a very deeply held and indeed long-held view about uranium mining, so I've always expected him to come forward with an amendment or a proposition which reflected his view. 


So, we will see vigorous debate, but I do believe Kevin Rudd will prevail in that debate.  


PETA DONALD: Do you think the numbers are shifting a little bit though? 


JULIA GILLARD: I am not the person counting the numbers in that sense, but I'm confident that Kevin will get what he wants on uranium mining, and indeed, through the course of the conference, conference will be very much be guided by Kevin's view. 


PETA DONALD: Why are you so against the Albanese position? 


JULIA GILLARD: I think that there is merit in, very great merit in strong safeguards, which Mr Albanese is talking about. I think there's very great merit in nuclear non-proliferation and strengthening the non-proliferation regime, and Mr Albanese is talking about that as well. 


But in terms of more uranium mines, I think it's important that this country can exploit its natural assets. I'm from South Australia originally, I know how important uranium mining is to the economy of that State, and consequently I believe we can get all of the safeguards right but have further uranium mining. 


TONY EASTLEY: Labor's Deputy leader Julia Gillard.