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No contamination found in WA canola.


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No contamination found in WA canola


Tuesday, 06/09/2005


Western Australia's canola industry is breathing a sigh of relief after receiving a GM-free report card.


WA's non-GM status was threatened when initial tests on canola samples from last year's harvest showed possible contamination.


Detailed analysis of samples sent to Europe could not identify any GM contamination, even at the lowest detection levels of .01 per cent.


The Grain Pool's senior trading manager Josh Roberts says he does not believe WA's reputation is tarnished.


"Well it is a sensitive issue, but I don't think it's damaged our reputation or our ability to market our crop as non-GM," he said.


"We've had customers who are very keenly interested in knowing what's going on and I think we've done a good job of keeping them informed as results have come to hand.


"And basically, they've been satisfied with the explanations that we've given."


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