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Fears for crew of crashed Air New Zealand plane.

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2CN AM Fears for crew of crashed Air New Zealand plane


Fears for crew of crashed Air New Zealand plane

AM - Friday, 28 November , 2008 08:21:00

TONY EASTLEY: Seven people are dead or missing after the crash of an Air New Zealand owned airbus off the coast of France.

The Airbus A320 jet was on a test flight after undergoing maintenance at Perpignan airport in the south of France. Local officials say the plane was operating normally when it crashed into the sea.

A short time ago Simon Lauder spoke to Lydie Benedicte who works on the information desk at Perpignan airport.

LYDIE BENEDICTE: There were several people in the aircraft for training but no-one is alive.

SIMON LAUDER: I understand at least one body has been recovered. Is that right?

LYDIE BENEDICTE: One only for the moment.

SIMON LAUDER: So there are…

LYDIE BENEDICTE: There are seven people in the aircraft but only one was found in the sea this evening.

SIMON LAUDER: And what kind of rescue operation is underway?

LYDIE BENEDICTE: By the air yes…

SIMON LAUDER: Is it known why the plane crashed?

LYDIE BENEDICTE: No, not for the moment.

SIMON LAUDER: Do you know for sure that there are no survivors?

LYDIE BENEDICTE: Yes. The aircraft crashed direct. Maybe there are problems but it's not possible for the pilot to make something because the aircraft go down direct in the sea and straight down with the front of the aircraft directly in the sea in a few seconds. But it's not far from the airport. That's why the aircraft was not very high in the sky. That's why a lot of people saw the crash near the coast of Cannes and not very high in the sky because Cannes just before the airport of Perpignan.

SIMON LAUDER: And what have you heard back from rescuers? What are they saying about what's happening?

LYDIE BENEDICTE: Until this evening at 11 they look in the sea if they have found something, someone, but for the moment this is the only information we have.

TONY EASTLEY: Lydie Benedicte from Perpignan airport, speaking there with Simon Lauder.

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