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Queensland: Federal National Party Leader comments on the shock election result.

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PETER CAVE: Overnight the Leader of the National Party, Tim Fischer, was briefed on the Queensland election result by Mr McDonald, and he told Toni Hassan he had heeded Mr McDonald’s remarks.


TIM FISCHER:   I heed all his advice, and that advice is, in its comprehensive form, internal to the party.  But we are not going to do other than review very comprehensively all of the results out of Queensland.  I will be going up there, returning to Queensland again over the next few weeks, actually sitting down and having some very lengthy meetings with people as we respond to a clarion call from the people, and we will be responding to that.


TONI HASSAN:  Are you being forced to abandon key aspects of your economic reform agenda?


TIM FISCHER: I’ve never supported double dry, absolutely pure economic rationalism.  There is a role for government working through all of the problems which confront society, which confront our export industries which generate so many jobs in country Australia.


TONI HASSAN: Mr Fischer, one in four Queenslanders voted for One Nation;  it’s a shock result for the National Party.  This morning there’s a suggestion that you defer the Federal poll.


TIM FISCHER: It is not an unexpected result.  Those of us who have been flogging around Queensland from January on each year, including last January, places like Mount Morgan, Mackay, Cloncurry, could see the ground starting to move.  It was not helped by a number of factors ….


TONI HASSAN: Will you defer your poll?


TIM FISCHER: That’s a matter you can put to the Prime Minister.


PETER CAVE: The Deputy Prime Minister, Tim Fischer.