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Cafe owner describes terrorist attack.

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2CN AM Cafe owner describes terrorist attack


Cafe owner describes terrorist attack

AM - Friday, 28 November , 2008 08:15:00

TONY EASTLEY: The owner of Leopold's cafe Farhang Jehani says two of his waiters, five or six tourists and a similar number of local Indians died in the attack.

Mr Jehani believes his restaurant was targeted because it is popular with foreigners.

FARHANG JEHANI: It was around 9.00, 9.15. Two people from the outside - they had not entered the restaurant, they were standing outside the restaurant since my restaurant has got two big gates to enter into the premises - they started firing into the premises. All my customers that were sitting on the table didn't know what was happening and for a minute it was like firecrackers and they realised very soon that it wasn't.

It was just bullets flying. A grenade was thrown into the restaurant. Two of my waiters died. There were five to six tourists' bodies which were lying on the floor as well as five to six Indian people that were lying on the floor, dead. We tried our level best to do whatever we could but we managed to get them put into some ambulance or some taxis that were passing by to send them to the nearest hospital so that something could be done at the hospital.

BBC REPORTER: After the initial attack, Mr Jehani, did the attackers actually come inside the restaurant or did they…


BBC REPORTER: Just carry out the attack from outside?

FARHANG JEHANI: They did all these things from the pavement in front of the restaurant. And then we do have a bi-lane that goes straight to the back side of the Taj and it seems that these two people that did the firing has gone into the Taj from the back entrance and joined a group that was already in Taj.

TONY EASTLEY: The owner of Leopold's cafe Farhang Jehani, speaking to the BBC

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