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Family mourns Australian killed in Mumbai terrorist attacks.

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2CN AM Family mourns Australian killed in Mumbai terrorist attacks


Family mourns Australian killed in Mumbai terrorist attacks

AM - Friday, 28 November , 2008 08:06:00

TONY EASTLEY: Well it's a sad day for the family, friends and colleagues of 49-year-old Brett Taylor, the Sydney man killed in Mumbai.

He was the director of Blacktown Timber, a company he ran with his two brothers.

Matt Taylor is Brett Taylor's nephew. He also works at the company.

Matt Taylor is speaking here with AM's Sara Everingham.

MATT TAYLOR: Well we were obviously quite nervous I guess is the word, all day yesterday, trying to get in contact with him and trying to find out some news and hoping for the best until we received the bad news late, sort of, probably about six o'clock last night.

SARA EVERINGHAM: Now what sort of contact did you have with him in the last day or so?

MATT TAYLOR: Zero, until well basically we'd spoken to him before, obviously before the attacks happened and once we sort of, once we'd heard news of what was going on we had no contact with him whatsoever.

SARA EVERINGHAM: So you didn't manage to, you didn't hear from him at all?

MATT TAYLOR: Not at all, no.

SARA EVERINGHAM: Do you know much about what happened?

MATT TAYLOR: Basically the fact that he was shot and died on his way to hospital.

SARA EVERINGHAM: And that was at the Oberoi Hotel?

MATT TAYLOR: It was, yes.

SARA EVERINGHAM: Were you happy with the level of information you were getting from Australian authorities?

MATT TAYLOR: Extremely, yeah. We were, obviously he was registered as one of the trade delegates over there with Austrade and they were in constant communication with us and letting us know that they were sort of trying to get in contact with him over there.

We'd spoken to a number of the other members of the party that he was travelling with and they'd confirmed they'd been out for dinner with him and returned from dinner to the hotel and that was the last they'd seen of him. And they were trying desperately to get in contact with him.

SARA EVERINGHAM: It must be a very difficult day there for you.


SARA EVERINGHAM: You are quite a close knit company, are you?

MATT TAYLOR: Yes, we are. We employ about probably 30 people. It's yeah, as far as family members go it's Brett and his two brothers and myself.

SARA EVERINGHAM: How will you remember him?

MATT TAYLOR: I'd like him to be remembered as a very loyal family man and that he did live for his family. And it's a very tragic time for everybody involved and you know we plan on continuing his memory and continuing to further the business in his memory.

SARA EVERINGHAM: Matt Taylor, the nephew and colleague of the confirmed Australian victim, Brett Taylor. Mr Taylor was killed in the terrorist attack in Mumbai yesterday. Matt Taylor was speaking there with Sara Everingham.

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