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Pakistans role in Mumbai attacks.

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2CN AM Pakistans role in Mumbai attacks


TONY EASTLEY: Indian investigators claim that the gunmen who raided India's financial capital in a three-day assault had months of commando training in Pakistan.

The fallout over the killings in Mumbai has prompted a second senior politician from the ruling Congress party to resign as fury continues to grow in India over apparent intelligence lapses and a slow response from security forces.

South Asia Correspondent, Sally Sara, is in the capital, New Delhi.

Sally, good morning. The Indian Government is still pushing ahead with its claims apparently that Pakistan was involved in some way in these attacks in Mumbai.

SALLY SARA: That's right, and now we've really got the first diplomatic action from India, which has formally called in the High Commissioner from Pakistan to tell him formally that it believes that Pakistani elements were involved in these attacks in Mumbai. And in the view of the Indian Government, that all of the gunmen were of Pakistani origin.

That's taken that stance from the evidence that they've gathered so far, and also of course from interrogating the one gunman who was captured alive. He's been questioned very heavily about his background and how the attack was put together.

TONY EASTLEY: Sally, is there a risk of escalation here or is it a matter, do you think, of India just going through the diplomatic niceties or otherwise?

SALLY SARA: I think it's fair to say from the series of resignations that we saw yesterday that the Indian Government is under a great deal of pressure from its own people to take some action or more importantly, for action to be seen to be taken. So really this is the first step that they can take in a diplomatic sense against Pakistan.

TONY EASTLEY: You mention that India has claimed that all the gunmen were from Pakistan. What evidence do they have of that?

SALLY SARA: The evidence so far has been documentary evidence from the bodies of the gunmen so far. Also what their origin appeared to be. And as we were saying earlier, more important the questioning of the one gunman who was captured alive as to how this operation was put together.

So it's still in its early stages and Pakistan's been saying since the attacks took place that it didn't have any involvement in it. The Pakistani Government been requesting to, look, to India, if you do have any evidence of which group was behind this and where it's from, then please present us this evidence and we will help you to go after those groups.

TONY EASTLEY: Correspondent Sally Sara in New Delhi.

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