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Cambodia: military sources reveal that Australian hostage, David Wilson, and two other hostages have been killed

ELLEN FANNING: We begin with the devastating news overnight from our Foreign Minister, Gareth Evans.

GARETH EVANS: We have received some rather distressing reports which are unhappily very credible but not as yet finally confirmed, that David Wilson and his two fellow hostages were in fact killed by the Khmer Rouge, General Paet and his followers, some time last month. We can only hope, for the sake of David and his family who have been enormously brave during this whole long ordeal, that these reports do prove as false and as misleading as so many others have been, but I do have to acknowledge that the signs at the moment are not good.

We're obviously taking every possible step working with the Cambodian Government to get the facts of this matter established, one way or another, as soon as possible. All I can say is that, at this stage, if the reports do prove true, it will be obvious that the responsibility for another tragic and senseless set of killings does rest wholly with the Khmer Rouge who it seems remain just as mindlessly and barbarically determined to destabilise and destroy the country as they ever did.

We've made it absolutely clear to the Cambodian authorities, and will again, that Australia expects those responsible for the hostages' abduction to be brought to justice. If David Wilson and his friends have been murdered, as we desperately hope they haven't been, then may I say this. We cannot and will not accept anything less than the murderers being brought to justice.

ELLEN FANNING: Senator Gareth Evans in a late night statement from the Mongolian capital, Ulaanbaatar.