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Claims of Mumbai intelligence slip up.

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2CN AM Claims of Mumbai intelligence slip up


Claims of Mumbai intelligence slip up

AM - Monday, 1 December , 2008 08:03:00

TONY EASTLEY: I spoke to our correspondent in Mumbai earlier this morning.

Sally is there any more information available on where these men were trained and armed?

SALLY SARA: There's still some debate about where the terrorists were trained, some analysts and intelligence sources are saying possibly in Kashmir, others are saying Pakistan itself, but it's really unclear.

The one thing that's important is what's emerged is that these men were highly trained, to be able to hold off thousands of troops and police over many days.

Troops that were going on roster against what ended up being three or four gunmen, indicated the high level of training which some intelligence analysts believe might make it easier to narrow down exactly where the gunmen came from.

TONY EASTLEY: Sally is there a suggestion there was some sort of warning received but it was largely ignored?

SALLY SARA: The forces from inside India's intelligence agency are saying that they received information from a telephone intercept of a possible attack on Mumbai and that that information was passed onto maritime security officials here. But the maritime security officials say that they received no such warning.

So there's a lot of finger pointing and shifting of blame at this stage as to whether information was provided to the right people at the right time.

TONY EASTLEY: On a sort of a more technical note, it is coming to light just how well-trained these men were, and how they got ashore in Mumbai.

Can you tell me a little about some of the reports there in India which suggest how they got ashore?

SALLY SARA: The scenario that's been put forward at the moment by intelligence sources is that the men may have hijacked a fishing boat and killed the crew onboard, come in by sea then transferred to inflatable boats to make their last dash into Mumbai.

Now there are also searches going on of the original fishing trawler to see if there was some clues from a satellite phone which some intelligence sources are saying has been found.

But really were in the early stages of that, there are quite conflicting reports from local media as to exactly what has happened. This is the kind of information that the Government is trying to unravel so that they can then determine exactly where this attack came from.

TONY EASTLEY: South Asia correspondent Sally Sara in Mumbai.

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