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Rudd's razor targets women.

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Senator Sue Boyce Liberal - Queensland

Electorate Office: Level 9, 301 Coronation Drive, Milton, Qld

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The axing of funding for a new telephone counselling service for grieving mothers is the latest evidence of the Rudd Labor Government’s assault on women, according to Senator Sue Boyce, Liberal senator for Queensland.

Senator Boyce said: “The Prime Minister and his Ministers have shown through their actions this week that women are way down their list of priorities.

“Proposed cuts have targeted carers, aged pensioners, Centrelink and Child Support Agency customers and, in every case, the majority of the target group are women.

“Now the Government plans to save a paltry $800,000 by wiping out a telephone counselling service by the Bonnie Babes Foundation designed to assist families who have suffered a miscarriage or still birth. The majority of the 25,000 calls that

Bonnie Babes expected to take in the next 12 months would have been from grieving mothers.

“From leaving carers and pensioners hanging for five days to be reassured of their bonus payments to these latest cuts, this government has highlighted its lack of interest in dealing with the most vulnerable in our society.

“It is not even one week after International Women’s Day, and this government is simply paying lip service to gender equity and the situation of women, half of our population, in this country,” Senator Boyce said.

Senator Boyce said the Prime Minister’s workaholic work habits were also a bad role model if the Government was serious about improving the work-family balance.

“Mr Rudd’s example of working around the clock, has earned him the nickname Kevin 24/7. Whilst he may think he is impressing the people of Australia, he does nothing to further the cause of work-family balance.”

She said media reports showed the Prime Minister expected public servants and all those around him to work similarly long hours.

“If there is to be genuine improvement in the lives of families, especially working women, men must be just as engaged as women,” Senator Boyce said.

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