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Chocolate fairtrade move opens way for more ethical consumer goods.

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Rachel Siewert Chocolate fairtrade move opens way for more ethical consumer goods Media Release | Spokesperson Rachel Siewert

Thursday 27th August 2009, 10:48am

in Human Rights & Justice Food Food Labelling

The Australian Greens today welcomed reports that Cadbury Australia plans to achieve Fairtrade certification for

their main chocolate line by mid 2010, but pointed to the need for adequate Government-mandated labelling


"Whilst this is certainly good news for ethical producers of cocoa, milk and other ingredients sourced by Cadbury,

it does show the need for Government to step up to the plate with proper, certified food labels," said Senator

Rachel Siewert.

"It is important to remember that labels such as fairtrade are voluntary codes brought about by the failure of

Government to provide an adequate labelling system."

"Our current labelling system does not even allow for accurate information on whether goods are produced within

Australia. My colleagues Senators Brown, Joyce and Xenophon have introduced the C ountry of Origin Labelling Bill

to corr

ect this, and I urge the Government to bring on the debate on this important issue."

"Consumers now rely on private organisations to certify fairtrade, organic, bio-dynamic or other specialty

accreditation, largely due to the lack of Government involvement in the area. This can add to the cost for

producers and consumers alike," said Senator Siewert.

"With fairtrade certification within the sector growing at an impressive rate, the Government should be looking

into how to support this movement, helping it to become the standard for our goods, not the exception."

"This move by Cadbury should encourage more companies to be involved in corporate responsibility, especially

those not directly influenced by the consumer market."

"I applaud Cadbury Australia's decision today, and look forward to more of our industries taking the step towards

fairly grown, fairly bought and fairly traded goods," she concluded.

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