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Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick, Sydney, 22 December 1997: transcript of doorstop [Badgery's Creek environmental impact study]


JOURNALIST: (Inaudible)

PRIME MINISTER: Well, I think we are quite correctly having an environmental impact study. We want the reaction of the public to that. This has been around for years, and years, and I think what the Sydney public wants is the matter to be dealt with and that is what we are doing.

We are dealing with it correctly. This airport has the potential to generate over 60,000 jobs in the western suburbs of Sydney. For years people have been saying that we have got to have another airport. You can't forever put it off, you have got to resolve it and that is what Governments are elected to do.

Incidentally, the Labor Party, when it was in power, supported an airport at Badgerys Creek. So if they now do a back-flip and oppose it, I think the Australian public will see that very cynically and they know if they were to win Government they would back-flip again and build it.

So I think they are caught by their earliest support. We will wait for public reaction. We will asses it and if it is in the public interest to go ahead we will. If it is not we won't. Merry Christmas.