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Centrelink is not the answer to Labor failure.

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Senator the Hon Nigel Scullion Shadow Minister for Human Services Deputy Leader of The Nationals

Australia’s self funded retirees and others with income from investments are being sacrificed by Labor who refuse to admit that they have got their bank deposit guarantee policy so horribly wrong, Shadow Minister for Human Services Senator Nigel Scullion said today.

“Telling Australian’s to go to Centrelink to see what tax payer help they can get while their independent income has been placed in jeopardy by the government is a disgrace, said Senator Scullion.

“Hard working staff at Centrelink are now being forced to face the brunt of concerned people who have had their family income frozen by a poor policy that was clearly only designed for a media headline.

“Most people with an income from investments are not, will not and should not be supported by the taxpayer and are being turned away from Centrelink despite being urged to attend by the treasurer.

“Tax payer funded income support should never be called upon to cover for inept Labor government policy, said Senator Scullion.

“The deposits and income relied upon by many Australians could be secured if Kevin Rudd and Wayne Swan would simply admit that they got this one wrong.

“Unfortunately the pride and vanity of the Prime Minister and the Treasurer are more important to this government than the financial security of those who have lost their income source, said Senator Scullion.

“The anger and frustration being expressed to front line Centrelink staff over this fiasco is totally misdirected.

“It is the government that must forget their desire for a daily headline and fix this mess before any more Australians are forced to suffer financial stress, said Senator Scullion.