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Government school students deserted by Kemp.

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Media Release


Manager of Opposition Business in the Senate

Labor’s Par1iamentary Secretary for Education





Year 12 retention rates continue to plummet under the Kemp Education administration according to the latest annual report of the Department of Education, Training and Youth Affairs, tabled in the Senate today, Senator Carr, Opposition Parliamentary Secretary for Education said.


“Opportunities for young people, especially young male students in government schools, were rapidly declining with overall retention rates dropping from a high of 77 per cent in 1991 to only 72 per cent in 1998,”Senator Carr said.


Other statistics include:


·  Only 66 per cent of male students as compared with 78 per cent of female students completed the final year of secondary school.


·  Whilst retention rates in Government schools is a low 66 per cent, retention rates in non-government schools are a high 84 per cent


·  Every year 35,000 students did not complete their secondary education and did not return to any form of structured vocational education or training.


“Increasingly, evidence is showing that 15 to 20 year olds are being locked out of formal structured training opportunities.” Senator Can said.


Senat or Can, commenting on the October 1999, Dusseldorp Skills Forum report —The cost to Australia of Early School-Leaving- asked the Government to confirm that the cost to Australia of only one year’s early school leavers was $2.6 billion


“Is it any wonder that the Senate today condemned the Government for failing to provide government schools with additional resources in line with its increased expenditure for non-government schools. “ Senator Can said.


“The Government, in pamphlets sent to parents, has misleadingly claimed that direct funding for government schools rose by 25 per cent over the forward estimates from



“The reality, as revealed today is that once the increase in student numbers and the 12 per cent increase in costs is factored in, the Government’s increase in expenditure is about 100th that claimed by Dr Kemp,” Senator Can said.



OCTOBER 20 1999


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