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Pink batts plan for renters was a white elephant.

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The Hon Greg Hunt MP Shadow Minister for Climate Change, Environment and Water

The Rudd Government today confirmed that its pink batts plan for renters was a white elephant, when it scrapped the program.

The Low Emissions Plan for Renters was one of Kevin Rudd’s core environment promises before the election back in 2007. Now it’s been unceremoniously dumped.

And no wonder, it was a dud. In February this year, I was demanding to know what had happened to the 2007 promise to provide insulation for rental properties.

It turned out that in 2009, the guidelines for the program still hadn’t been finalised.

Soon after, Mr Rudd re-announced the program and boasted about doubling the benefit from $500 to $1000. It would see the Government borrow $610 million to pay for the program.

But today the program was put out of its misery due to a lack of demand.

The collapse of the renters program underscores the reckless way which the Government has been running its multi-billion dollar pink batts strategy.

We’ve have people writing and calling MPs offices and radio stations around the country complaining about rorts and waste involving the other pink batts program, for householders.

We have pink batts in chaos. One program dumped, the other which must be investigated by a full and urgent Auditor-General’s inquiry.

It’s worth noting that had the guillotine not come down today, the Government was poised to spend $10 million of borrowed money to promote the failed pink batts for renters scheme (ref: p53).