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Truss scratching wrong spot: Brown.

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Bob Brown Truss scratching wrong spot - Brown Media Release | Spokesperson Bob Brown

Tuesday 15th September 2009, 5:26pm

in Environment Environment & Planning Issues Traveston Dam

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown will move in the Senate tomorrow for the Queensland Coordinator General's

draft report on the Traveston Dam to be made public by Environment Minister Garrett within the week.

Today, answering Senator Brown's question on the Traveston Dam, Mr Garrett ducked a reply on whether he

would release the report but indicated he will keep it secret (see attached).

"The public has zero assurance that Garrett will seek public comment on the final report," Senator Brown said


"I am happy that the Coalition and Greens are both working to get a better public outcome."

"I think Warren Truss would do better to join my efforts to stop the Traveston Dam rather than scratching his sore

over political decisions on preferences made last year. The public deserves better," Senator Brown said.

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