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National childcare authority could pave way forward for early childhood education.

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Sarah Hanson-Young

National childcare authority could pave way forward for early childhood education

Media Release | Spokesperson Sarah Hanson-Young

Thursday 16th July 2009, 2:15pm

Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young says a national regulatory authority should be set up to oversee

early childhood education and childcare in Australia, as part of a transformation of the sector in the wake of

the ABC Learning collapse.

The Senate Inquiry’s second of seven hearings is underway in Sydney today after the first in Brisbane


“This Inquiry must act as the stepping stone to move towards better policy outcomes in early childhood

education and care in this country,” said Senator Hanson-Young, Greens Spokesperson for Childcare and


“Something that could assist in the necessary transformation of the childcare sector is establishing an

independent national authority for planning, oversight and regulation.

“At present, the Federal Government is involved with childcare in terms of funding through subsidies and

benefits, but has little to do with driving policy outcomes.

“Lots of money is being put up, but there is little oversight or regulation of how that money is spent in the

childcare sector.”

“The Inquiry has heard today that the rapid, aggressive growth of ABC Learning in the childcare market and

its subsequent collapse was ultimately a creation of government policy.

“A national authority could help to ensure that policy development in early childhood education and care

places the needs of children and parents at the centre of that process.”