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Latham must disendorse candidate.

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September 22 2004

Latham must disendorse candidate

Labor Leader Mark Latham must immediately move to disendorse the Labor Candidate for Fairfax, Ivan Molloy, for his support for offensive remarks about the Bali terrorist attack.

On Win TV last night Mr Molloy endorsed the following Federal election intervention by his wife, Cate Molloy, who is a Queensland State Labor MP:

“I hold Liberal sitting members accountable for the bombing in Bali and the deaths of the Balinese and the deaths of Australians.”

In referring to those remarks, Mr Molloy said: “Oh it was very provocative but I must say I support them a hundred per cent.”

Mr Latham either supports these disgusting remarks or he should tell Mr Molloy to stand down as a candidate.

This was an offensive attempt to gain political advantage from the deaths of more than 200 people, including 88 Australians.

Mr Latham needs to act decisively on this issue. To dither would be to endorse these disgraceful comments and give succour to the evil terrorists behind the Bali attack.

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