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Country doctors get $22,500 incentive from Labor’s bulk billing plan.

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Shadow Minister for Health


Country doctors get $22,500 incentive from Labor’s bulk billing plan

Local doctors in rural Australia who bulk bill over 70 per cent of their patients will receive a $22,500 annual incentive to ease the increasing financial pressure on families.

Local doctors will also qualify for the full 100 per cent Medicare patient rebate under a Latham Labor Government.

Labor recognises that families living in rural Australia are facing increasing financial pressure under the Howard Government.

John Howard has stood by while bulk billing levels have fallen nationally to 70 per cent. We will reverse this trend by increasing bulk billing to 80 per cent.

Strengthening bulk billing is part of Labor’s $3.4 billion commitment to health to improve services and relieve the financial pressure on Australian families especially in rural Australia.

Families are increasingly burdened by health costs. It’s hard to find a doctor that bulk bills. The cost of going to the family doctor has increased by 80 per cent under the Howard Government and that is hitting rural Australians in the hip pocket.

Labor will also provide an annual $7,500 incentive to doctors in metropolitan areas who bulk bill 80 per cent or more of their patients and an additional $15,000 for outer metropolitan and regional doctors who bulk bill 75 per cent or more of their patients.

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