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Australia's biggest-ever warbird flypast planned for the Brisbane VP Day Victory Parade

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August 8 1995

Australia’s biggest-ever war bird flypast planned for the Brisbane VP Day Victory Parade

THE VP DAY SPECTACULAR in Brisbane on August 15 will include about 10 million dollars worth of "warbirds1' in what is believed will he the biggest fly past of historical aircraft ever seen in Australia.

The aircraft will include the only Spitfire flying in Australia, an example of the famous United States fighter, the Mustang, and the last remaining Hying example in the world of the only Australian-designed and produced fighter aircraft in World War II, the Boomerang,

Built by the Australian Aircraft Corporation, Boomerang fighters battled the Japanese at Bougainville, Darwin and Thursday Island.

The fly past wall also feature an example of another Australian-designed and built fighter, the Wirraway.

Up to 16 historical WWlI aircraft are expected to take part in the fly past over Brisbane on August 15 - plus jet fighters and helicopters now serving with the Australian armed forces.

As well, there will be up to six of the WW11 RAAK's main primary training aircraft, the famous Tiger Moth, in the fly past..

About 90 per cent of all Australian WWII pilots did their basic training in tiger moths.

The flypast over the Victory Parade in Brisbane on August 15 will begin with tiger moths over King George Square at about 10 am.

Editors: Several of the warbirds to take part in the flypast arc at Archcrficld Airport near Brisbane, They include a Trojan United States fighter bomber, a US Harvard trainer and tiger moths.

Barry Humpel of HempcI Aviation who is involved in organising the fly past is happy to help the media. He is available on 018 721078

Australia Remembers media: 07 2238797 or 018 622660