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Nationals agree: Medicare minus won't provide decent health care for all Australians.

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Shadow Minister for Health


NATIONALS AGREE: MEDICARE MINUS WON’T PROVIDE DECENT HEALTH CARE FOR ALL AUSTRALIANS The truth slipped out this afternoon when we heard what Deputy Prime Minister John Anderson really thinks about Tony Abbott’s MedicareMinus package. He said: [The package] gives the lie to our commitment for decent healthcare for all Australians, regardless of where they live. Australians are used to the Nationals rolling over on what John Howard wants on every issue that comes before the Coalition. Today at least they have seen some refreshing words of honesty from John Anderson. The Nationals might have recently changed their name, but the neglect of their electorates and the manner in which they take their constituents for granted remains the same. For further information contact: 24 November 2003 Julia Gillard MP 0417 361 637 Jamie Snashall 0407 438 746