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Remarks to introduce the Hon Alan Carpenter MP, Premier of Western Australia at the ALP Western Australia campaign launch, Perth.

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SENATOR THE HON PENNY WONG Minister for Climate Change and Water

Remarks to Introduce the Hon Alan Carpenter MP, Premier of Western Australia

ALP Western Australia Campaign Launch

Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, Sunday 31 August 2008

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Friends, it’s great to be here in Western Australia, which has become a beacon of the

promise of the nation.

And it’s a great honour to be here introducing Alan Carpenter, who has become a beacon

of leadership around the nation.

Alan understands that the job of a premier is to have a vision for what the future can be -

and to provide the stable leadership and strength of purpose to make that vision real.

Alan understands a premier has not the luxury to be planning for retirement.

A premier has the responsibility to plan for the future of the State.

And there is no greater challenge for the future than climate change.

Alan understands the risk for his daughters - for all the young people of Western Australia

- of more extreme weather, rising temperatures, rising sea levels.

And he understands that taking action on climate change is not easy, but it is the

responsible thing to do.


We cannot protect our economy and we cannot protect our children’s inheritance if we do

not protect our environment - if we fail on climate change.

Over the years of Howard Government neglect on climate change, it was left to people like

Alan Carpenter to take this responsibility to prepare for the future - investing in renewable

energy and supporting families to move to a clean energy future.

Now, we have the opportunity to work together - to combine our efforts - in rising to the

task of tackling climate change.

Now, we have the opportunity to work in partnership to help West Australians with the

challenges of moving to a clean energy future.

Now, we have the opportunity to invest together in a shared future, in tackling climate

change, in building infrastructure, in health and education.

These challenges are not simple ones.

They demand leaders with purpose and resolve.

Who don’t buckle, who don’t fold.

Who deliver.

Who can know that you can be strong and decent - who can look you in the eye.

These are challenges that demand leaders like Alan.

Friends, I am proud to introduce to you a man with a plan for the future and the vision to

make tomorrow even better than today: Alan Carpenter.