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Only Labor will build the infrastructure Mackay needs.

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I welcome the Liberal National Party’s new found interest in Mackay and the proposed ring road - it’s just a pity that when they had twelve years to progress this project they chose to do nothing.

Indeed when they left office less than three years ago, no route had been identified, no detailed planning had been done and no funding had been secured.

Even now Tony Abbott doesn’t intend doing anything until the end of next year at the earliest and he has failed to spell out where the more than $200 million needed to actually build this new road would come from.

After ignoring Mackay’s infrastructure needs the last time they were in government, the Liberal National Party now expects locals to simply trust them to do the right thing if given another chance.

By contrast, Federal Labor will begin the detailed planning work this financial year, with the necessary $10 million to come from the Regional Infrastructure Fund - the very initiative Mr Abbott wants to scrap and which would be a secure source of funding for projects like the Mackay Ring Road.

Unfortunately the former Government’s neglect meant that when we came to office we had to develop from scratch a plan for the Mackay region’s long term infrastructure needs.

The $10 million pledged by Federal Labor will undertake the necessary planning work which will:

• Deliver a detailed business case for a future Mackay Ring Road. • Establish the preferred route and alignment. • Establish the cost of the project. • Establish construction timelines.

While Mr Abbott would take Australia backwards with his cuts to infrastructure spending, Federal Labor has a plan which will take Mackay and regional Queensland forward.

There’s no better example of this than the record $2.6 billion investment we’re making in the Bruce Highway - a road starved of funding under the former Howard Government.


Tuesday, 27 July 2010

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