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Coat hangers, volunteers, tulips head to Victoria.

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Senator Stephen Parry Opposition Whip in the Senate Manager of Opposition Business in the Senate Liberal, Tasmania


Friday 8 th May 2009


Over one thousand coat hangers were handed over to Somerset Rotary Club Member and Tasmanian Rotary Club Bushfire Relief Coordinator Mr Ian Chalk today, to be transported to Victoria to help those affected by the Black Saturday bushfires.

Senator Stephen Parry called for donations of coat hangers in mid April and has been collecting them in his office ever since.

“The response to my office has been amazing,” Senator Parry said.

“People who didn’t have spare coat hangers at home bought them new and donated them to my office, still in their packets.

“I am impressed by the generosity of the community,” Senator Parry said.

The hand over took place at Senator Parry’s office in Burnie.

The coat hangers will arrive in Victoria next week, much to the relief of Hazelwood Rotary Club President Mrs Christine Payne. She has been coordinating aid since bushfires razed the area, and initiated the coat hanger drive with Mr Chalk.

“When we gave out clothes [to those affected by the bushfires], people had no coat hangers to hang them on,” Mrs Payne said. “So I said to Ian, get me coat hangers!”

Senator Parry, an Ulverstone West Rotary Club member, offered his office as a drop off point for the North West.

“Rotary is a wonderful organisation and a valuable asset to the community,” Senator Parry said. “I wanted to help in any way I could.”

“It is the little things that are often overlooked in situations such as these - like the need for a simple, everyday item like a coat hanger,” Senator Parry said.

“It is such a small item, but makes such a difference to the way people live. It just goes to show that every deed is important.”

Coat hangers are not the only things Rotary Club volunteers are donating - they are also donating their time. Rotary Club members from around the North West are currently in Victoria, helping to repair fencing destroyed in the fires. There are also plans to undertake non-fencing related activities such as re-planting gardens and constructing liveable sheds.

Furthermore, 6,000 tulip bulbs from the North West have just been donated and will arrive in Victoria next week.

“These people lost everything,” Senator Parry said. “The efforts of Rotary Tasmania have been integral in helping them to rebuild their lives.”



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