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Simon Crean.

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Media Statement


28 November 2003

Simon Crean

Two years ago Simon Crean gave me a second chance in public life when he brought me back onto Labor’s frontbench. That’s his style - always inclusive, always giving people a go, always wanting to strengthen the Labor Party and our country.

It has been an honour to work with Simon Crean over the past two years. He’s a good man and he’s been a good Labor leader. He has modernised our Party’s policies and rules and exposed the weaknesses of the Howard Government: its duplicity, its attacks on education and health, its neglect of major economic and national security issues.

I pay tribute to Simon and thank him for the honour of serving under him. I was determined to reciprocate his loyalty and will look back with pride on our work together.

I also want to thank Carole Crean and the Crean family for giving so much to the Labor movement. No group of people could have worked harder or wanted more for our cause.

With respect to my own future, I want to talk further with my family and my Caucus colleagues before saying anything publicly.

I feel sad and disappointed for what has happened to Simon Crean. But I am also determined to do what is best for the party and movement that I’ve always believed in.

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