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What impact when analogue TV switch-off goes wrong?

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What impact when analogue TV switch-off goes wrong? 08-June-2010 Source: John Forrest, MP - What will people in the Mildura viewing area do when their analogue televisions suddenly stop working on June 30.

Will they sit quietly and read a book, go to the pictures, head for a restaurant, go visiting, play cards with their families, listen to the wireless or go camping.

“No doubt bureaucrats and parliamentarians will be watching closely the impact of this great experiment,” The Nationals Member for Mallee John Forrest said.

“I doubt there’ll be a baby boom in April 2011, but what will enthusiasts do if they can’t watch AFL Round 15 footy on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday because they haven’t got around to setting their TV up for digital.

“Suddenly, the bloke with the good telly might be in demand and get a heap of unexpected visitors.

Maybe the switchover might get neighbours talking again until they get a set top box or satellite dish and black box.

“There’ll be a few who’ve not listened to all the media comment and advertising and will be grumpy when their TV suddenly doesn’t work that weekend.

“There’ll be others who can’t afford the changeover just yet and will go without, especially those who have to employ the more expensive satellite option in outlying areas.

“I’m certain there’ll be a reasonable number of people left still to make the digital change on June 30,” Mr Forrest said.