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White Paper pilot: $2.8 million for Hawkesbury and Yarra river catchments

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Minister for Employment, Education and Training, the Hon Simon Crean MP Minister for Environment, Sport and Territories, Senator the Hon John Faulkner

20C/94 t 5 May 1994

White Paper pilot: $2.8 million for Hawkesbury and Yarra river catchments

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Major unemployment and environmental degradation problems will be tackled in the Hawkesbury and Yarra river catchments through the first projects designed to apply the regional approach outlined in the White Paper on Employment and Growth. These two projects will receive a total of $2.8 million for labour market program places and project support this year.

Announcing the project approval, Simon Crean, the Minister for Employment Education and Training, and Senator the Hon John Faulkner, said they expected the environment to benefit from a large share of the increased number of labour market program places provided through the White Paper generally and New Work

Opportunities in particular.

"We have a very successful and popular program with LEAP (Landcare and Environment Action Program) and we will be building on this success," said the Ministers.

"Environment industries are growing strongly, not just in Australia, but in our region. It has been estimated that around 80,000 to 120,000 people are currently employed in the environment industry in Australia with a gross turnover of the order of $2-3 billion. There is enormous potential for growth in both the industry and in employment There

are terrific manufacturing and service opportunities emerging not just in this country, but in the Asia-Pacific region. While there is much needed environmental repair work to be done, there are opportunities developing and applying Australian technology with the potential for sustainable jobs in environmental management."

"We are looking to working with the environment industries in helping them grow, in developing a national approach to training for the industry, in assisting young people into careers, and building Australia as a centre of expertise and training in environmental management."

One approach proposed in the White Paper to tackle unemployment, training needs and environmental repair is the Regional Environmental Employment Program (REEP).

The two projects approved today will help test the viability of the REEP regional consortium approach and help guide its future development and implementation. A total of 250 LEAP and JOB SKILLS places will be managed by Greening Australia in two demonstration sites associated with the "Corridors of Green" projects of national


For each project, regional consortia will be established to advise and assist with project implementation. These consortia will include a broad range of interests including local business, conservation groups, unions, and State and local government.

Contact: Catherine Payne (Mr Crean’s office) 06 277 7460 Carolyn Betts (Senator Faulkner's office) 06 277 7640