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K131: Kevin Rudd's daily double of boats.

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Scott Morrison, MP 

Shadow Minister for Immigration and Citizenship 

K131: Kevin Rudd’s daily double of boats 04/06/10

Two boats in one day is further proof that the Rudd Government’s border protection policies are a rolled gold bucket of failure according to Shadow Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Scott Morrison and Shadow Minister for Justice, Customs and Border Protection, Michael Keenan.

“Two boats arriving in one day as the Rudd Government moves 750 asylum seekers to the mainland shows the chaos of Labor’s failed immigration and border protection policies,” said Mr Morrison.

“Kevin Rudd has delivered a rolled gold bucket of failure on border protection.

“Another boat in a matter of hours has become all too familiar under this Government. There have now been 25 boats carrying more than 1000 people since the Rudd government’s cynical election fix of freezing processing of asylum seekers.

“As 750 asylum seekers leave Christmas Island for the mainland under this plan, more boats arrive and more are undoubtedly on the way. The policy has been as ineffective as it is discriminatory.

“The Coalition will restore the strong border protection regime that Kevin Rudd has abolished that has led to 131 boats illegally arriving carrying more than six thousand people.”

Mr Keenan said the Government was trying to hide the announcement of this latest arrival by delaying its announcement until after the evening news cycle.

“This afternoon the Minister announced the arrival of boat 130, without disclosing the time and location of the interception.

“Two hours later he announced the arrival of boat 131, reportedly intercepted about 10 nautical miles off Ashmore Island last night.

“The Minister is effectively avoiding public scrutiny over this Government’s massive failure on border protection by staggering the announcement of each boat arrival and lessening the impact each makes.

“This is a dishonest Government that prioritises spin over everything else.

“The people of Australia deserve better.”