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Katter working for Labor win.

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B2004/115 - Katter working for Labor win

Leader of The Nationals in the Senate, Ron Boswell, said today that Bob Katter’s latest plan to support Independent challengers in key regional Coalition seats - Wide Bay, Dawson and Murray - would assist in handing the Federal election to Labor.

“Katter can now be considered to be openly working to give us a Labor government. He has gone past the Independent stage and is now attacking the Coalition, attempting to defeat John Howard.”

“Katter is out today publicly backing the candidacy of an Independent candidate in the seat of a high-ranking Federal Coalition Minister. It is clear now that he has abandoned the Howard/Anderson Government and is intent on bringing down the Coalition at any cost,” Senator Boswell said.

“Katter is well and truly aware of the probable consequences of undermining the Coalition in this way. He knows that by running Independents in regional conservative Coalition seats, he will be helping the Labor Party who will run dead and preference the Independent.”

“This way, Labor don’t win the seat but they can get the next-best result by installing an Independent, and making one less seat that they have to win from the Coalition to get the numbers to form Government. This election will be tight and the Coalition will need to hold all its seats to win.”

“If conservative regional prople want a Coalition government, then they must pull their weight and vote for the Coalition in their own seat, not back Independents locally and rely on other electorates to provide the required number of Coalition representatives.”

Senator Boswell said that Katter was now not only failing to effectively represent his own electorate, but was actively attempting to make other electorates suffer with the lack of accountability and achievement characterised by ‘part time’ Independent representation.

“Katter’s Independent-backing plan is hypocritical. It acknowledges that he hasn’t been able to achieve for his electorate on his own and, despite his claims, it represents yet another attempt to set up a ‘Claytons’ political party, that will contest only Coalition seats. He can’t have it both ways.”

Senator Boswell said that, while Katter claimed to be an Independent, he had originally won his seat as a National, had been associated with other political groups, and was now avoiding the responsibility and accountability of a Party structure, but was still flying in the face of the whole concept of Independent representation by choosing to band with others of the same misguided political ilk.

“His only policy seems to be that he doesn’t like the Coalition, and wants to wipe us out.”

“The Nationals want to win our conservative country seats back from Independents because we want these people to have a voice in a Coalition Government. The alternative is to have country Independents and a Labor government, with their disregard for rural industry, high 20% interest rates, high inflation and high unemployment,” he said.

“The One Nation debacle showed us that voting for Independents gives us Labor Governments, just look at Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory.”


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