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Transcipt ... doorstop, The National Gallery


J: . . .(inaudible). . .

PM: I think we ought to give Mr Downer the holiday period, don't you think so?

J: How would you feel, though, about facing two separate Opposition parties next year?

PM: Well, they have always been two separate Opposition parties - this has always been the great ruse of the Coalition. I mean, no-one has ever elected them as a majority in their own right, ever. They have always been a rural political rump, and the other now are, sort of, a throwback to the past. I mean, basically, what is wrong with the Coalition is, as I always say, it is not the jockey, but the horse. I mean the horse - the Coalition - as a set of parties don't know what they want for Australia, and that shows, and it doesn't matter who leads them.

J: Prime Minister, we have just seen retail growth at 9.2% - is that too fast?

PM: You must be joking.