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Monaro election result a great disappointment.

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Press Release Ref: 926 Published: 28/3/2003 Title: Monaro election result a great disappointment

Federal Member for Eden-Monaro, Gary Nairn, has expressed his great disappointment in the defeat of the State Member for Monaro, Peter Webb, in last Saturday’s State Election.

“Peter has been an outstanding Member for Monaro over the last four years and the hard work he did on behalf of his constituents produced excellent results even though he was in Opposition,” Gary Nairn said.

“The amount of money spent on advertising by the ALP in Monaro was unprecedented and obscene.

“By my reckoning it would have been at least 4 or 5 to 1 between the two major parties.

“I noticed ads for the ALP candidate at the start and end of almost every commercial break on some radio stations in the electorate in the final days before the electronic media blackout.

“That said the electorate has now chosen Steve Whan from the Australian Labor Party as their representative and I congratulate him on his win.

“He will need to work hard to match the commitment shown by Peter Webb and there are a multitude of promises made during the election campaign that will need to be delivered,” he said.

“However, first up he must detail to the electorate precisely what was promised to secure the preference deal with the Greens.

“The Greens had made a number of demands of the Labor Party in exchange for their preferences and one can only assume commitments were given.

“For example, one demand was for the immediate cessation of logging in ‘certain’ areas with those areas becoming National Parks within twelve months,” Gary Nairn explained.

“Steve Whan must tell us precisely which legal harvesting areas are to be immediately closed down so that those people who will inevitable lose their job are informed.


“Also we need to know when those areas will become National Parks and what additional

resources will be allocated to them so that we don’t see them neglected in the way that most of the forest areas that were declared National Parks in recent years have been,” he added.

“95% of the geographic area of the seat of Monaro voted for Peter Webb and therefore voted against any further declaration of National Parks in their region, so they want answers to these questions.

“The backroom deal between the Greens and the Labor Party a few days out from the election day was designed to secure additional votes in Queanbeyan but the remainder of the electorate will bear the brunt of the deal.

“The people of the south-east want to know what the deal was and they want to know now,” Gary Nairn demanded.

Gary Nairn also thanked Peter Webb for all that he has done for the region over the past four years and wished him and June and their family all the best for the future.

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