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Lilly-livered Western Sydney Liberals not up for the fight against Badgerys.

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ROGER PRICE MP Federal Member for Chifley


3rd November 2003



Western Sydney Liberal MPs Kerry Bartlett, Alan Cadman, Jackie Kelly and Pat Farmer proved

once again today that they don’t have the ticker to take on John Howard over his plans to build a second Sydney Airport at Badgerys Creek.

When speaking to a private members motion moved by Chifley MP Roger Price in Federal Parliament, Bartlett (the member for Macquarie) and Cadman (the member for Mitchell) responded with a series of barbs, but did not deny that existing Government policy advocated the construction of a second Sydney airport at Badgerys Creek.

“I have been open and honest on Badgerys Creek from day one. Initially I was a supporter of the proposal but the fact of the matter is that it is no longer viable”, Mr. Price said.

“Over the past seven years, I, along with many of my Western Sydney Labor colleagues, have fought a long and bitter campaign to change the Party’s policy on Badgerys Creek”.

“No matter what Kerry Bartlett or Alan Cadman have to say on the matter, it is abundantly clear that they don’t have the guts to fight the good fight and try to bring about a change in Liberal Party policy on Badgerys”.

Mr. Price said he was equally disappointed that Jackie Kelly had passed on the chance to join the debate, leaving the third and final Government speakers position to Patterson MP, Bob Baldwin from the Hunter.

“Jackie likes to portray herself as the champion of Western Sydney and a staunch opponent of Badgerys Creek and yet she won’t debate the issue in Parliament”, Mr. Price said.

“Jackie may be personally opposed to an airport on the site, but like her Western Sydney colleagues she’s not prepared to stand up to the Prime Minister and fight for a change in Government policy”.

“The member for McCarthur, Pat Farmer, whose electorate takes in the Badgerys Creek site, was also missing in action”.

Mr. Price said the Liberals had declared their hand on Badgerys.

“On August 20th of this year, Joe Hockey stood up in Federal Parliament and admitted that the Government remained committed to building a second Sydney airport at Badgerys Creek. That is their policy. It hasn’t changed in seven and a half years”.

“The people of Western Sydney have been given a clear choice. If they want an airport at Badgerys Creek vote Liberal; if they don’t want one, vote Labor”.

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