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Greens motion raises pressure on parties to return James Hardie dirty money.

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Senator Kerry Nettle

Senator for New South Wales

Greens motion raises pressure on parties to return James Hardie dirty money

Senator Kerry Nettle, 5th August 2004

Greens Senator Kerry Nettle has given notice of a motion that calls on the Senate to support a boycott of James Hardie products and the payment of political donations received from James Hardie to a victims' fund.

"Today the Labor party asked me to postpone my motion whilst they consider supporting the motion.

"The Greens hope that this indicates a growing willingness of the ALP at all levels of government to support calls from The Greens that the James Hardie dirty money be given to a trust fund for the victims of asbestos products.

"All parties apart from The Greens have received donations and we hope that all parties will do the right thing and give the money to the victims and their families.

The Greens motion will be dealt with on Monday next week.

That the Senate:

(a) Notes (i) That James Hardie industries was a significant producer of asbestos products in Australia. (ii) Preliminary reports that James Hardie Industries may have deliberately underfunded its compensation scheme and moved its headquarters offshore to avoid or minimise its future compensation liabilities.

(b) Calls on the Federal Government to (i) Take all possible steps to ensure that James Hardie Industries pays full and fair compensation to the victims or the families of victims injured or killed by the asbestos products that James Hardie produced. (ii) join local councils in boycotting all James Hardie products and services until it is satisfied that all of James Hardie's current and future compensation liabilities are met.

(c) Calls on all political parties to redirect any donations they have received from James Hardie Industries into a trust fund for these victims and their families.

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