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No Leave, no Life: campaign to boost local industry.

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Minister for Resources and Energy, Minister for Tourism

NO LEAVE, NO LIFE: CAMPAIGN TO BOOST LOCAL INDUSTRY The Minister for Tourism, Martin Ferguson AM MP, has announced Tourism Australia is to establish a new initiative to encourage Australians to utilise their 121 million days of accrued leave and take a holiday at home.

The 'No Leave, No Life’ program will ask employers and employees to change their attitudes towards using accrued leave and seek to convert this into more holidays within Australia, boosting the domestic tourism and hospitality industries.

Minister Ferguson said: “Australian workers have accrued 121 million days of accrued leave which is valued at around $31 billion in wages.

“Employers need to encourage their employees to take their leave and Australians should be taking the leave they are entitled to. It’s good for business, good for employees, and potentially, good for our tourism industry as it faces some tough times because of the Global Financial Crisis.”

Tourism Australia will next week convene a roundtable with private and public sector representatives to implement the 'No Leave, No Life' program, which will aim to boost domestic tourism through the summer, Easter, and Northern Winter periods.

It is envisaged that ‘No Leave, No Life’ will include:

z A communications campaign to reach employers and employees about the importance of

taking leave; z An online portal to support organisations in changing their culture towards leave, as well as

offering holiday ideas; and z A toolkit for employers to help them implement ‘No Leave, No Life’ in their workplace.

Minister Ferguson said: "A study commissioned by Tourism Australia found around 40 per cent of employees cited workplace issues as the most significant barriers to taking leave. Clearly, we need to work with employers to address issues preventing Australians from utilising their leave.

"While the number of Australians travelling overseas has grown strongly throughout the past decade, our domestic tourism market has been largely stagnant throughout this period.

"Unlocking even a small portion of the 121 million days of accrued leave and turning it into a domestic Australian holiday will make a very important contribution to our tourism industry and help support the almost 500,000 Australians who are directly employed in this important industry.

"This program will be good for tourism, good for business, good for our economy - and importantly, good for those Australians who really should be taking a break."

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The Hon Martin Ferguson AM MP

04 Dec 2008

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