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Pulp strategy aims at public pocket.

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Bob Brown Pulp strategy aims at public pocket Media Release | Spokesperson Bob Brown

Tuesday 25th August 2009, 4:48pm

in Pulp Mill

- $20 million per annum already agreed by Rudd

"The release of an Issues Paper by the Pulp and Paper Industry Strategy Group sets the stage for a raid on the

taxpayer's purse," Australian Greens Leader Senator Bob Brown said today.

"I call on Minister Kim Carr to clear the air on how many millions the Rudd government is preparing to inject into

this industry, including Gunns' proposed pulp mill in the Tamar Valley in Tasmania."

"This paper is authored by an industry lobby group set up by Minister Carr and paid for by the taxpayers, including

executive s

alaries, travel, accommodation and meal allowances for industry executives and operatives who have

been invited aboard."

"It is a lobby group, paid for by the taxpayers and setup to lobby the Federal government for subsidies at the

taxpayer's loss."

"Last week's Renewable Energy Target legislation, incorporated a massive subsidy for Gunns' wood fired furnace,

attached to the pulp mill, of more than $20 million per annum."

"It looks like Rudd Labor is set to inject millions more into the pulp mill to make it viable after years of searching

for investment partners with no takers," said Senator Brown.

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