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Australia's first ever resale royalty scheme starts.

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The Hon Peter Garrett MP Minister for Environment Protection, Heritage and the Arts Melissa Parke MP Member for Fremantle

Australia's first ever resale royalty scheme starts

Media release 9 June 2010

Minister for the Arts Peter Garrett today celebrated the start of Australia's first ever resale royalty scheme for visual artists during a visit to the Kidogo Art House in Fremantle with local member, Melissa Parke.

The Resale Royalty Right for Visual Artists Act 2009 establishes the right for visual artists to receive five per cent of the sale price when works are resold through the art market for $1000 or more. The right applies to living artists and for a period of 70 years after an artist's death.

Minister Garrett said this is a historic day for Australia's artists.

"I am thrilled to see this day arrive, where the value we place on Australian visual art is finally recognised-artists are entitled to share in the profits of their works as they are traded and appreciate in value," Mr Garrett said.

"The resale royalty is an acknowledgement that being an artist is a career, a profession from which a person earns their living.

"The resale royalty is an acknowledgement that art enriches our lives and that artists should be rewarded for their contribution to Australian life and for any ongoing increases in the value of their work.

"From today, the commercial sales of art will count towards the scheme.

The resale royalty will be payable on the second transfer of ownership.

"This government has delivered on an election promise in 2007 to introduce the resale royalty scheme to bring Australian artists entitlements into line with 50 other countries, and with Australian writers and musicians."

Melissa Parke said, "It's wonderful to mark the commencement of the resale royalty scheme here in Fremantle, which is a place with a vibrant visual arts community and a long history of fostering art production right across the spectrum. Artists in Fremantle have been calling for this fair and sensible royalty scheme for years, and I commend their persistence on this important issue."

Copyright Agency Limited (CAL) has been appointed as the collecting society for five years, to collect and distribute the royalties to living visual artists or artist's estates.

Artists, dealers, gallery owners, auction houses and other arts professionals need to register with CAL to provide the information required by the Act.

The scheme is prospective, applying only to resales of original works acquired after the scheme takes effect. Once the scheme starts, the resale royalty will be payable on the second sale of an artwork.

Arts professionals can register or get more information at