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But what does Peter think?

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Media Statement

MARK LATHAM MP SHADOW TREASURER MANAGER OF OPPOSITION BUSINESS MEMBER FOR WERRIWA 8 August 2003 But What Does Peter Think? The Peter Costello lecture series, where he has mastered the art of long and vacuous speeches, continues apace. He’s becoming the lost soul of the Liberal Party. After saying next -to-nothing at the Sydney Institute, Costello has now read out a long list of other people’s views at the Centre for Independent Studies (Coolum, 7 August 2003). He spoke about the views and beliefs of Roosevelt’s New Deal; Johnson’s Great Society; Keynesian economics; the Whitlam Government; the Centre for Independent Studies; the Centre for Policy Studies; Nikita Kruschev; the IMF; the World Bank; the OECD; the ALP; Margaret Thatcher; the Third Way; Sidney Blumenthal; Tony Blair; French farmers; John Carroll; Robert Manne; Michael Pusey; Clive Hamilton; Lee Kuan Yew; the Japanese MITI; the Asian tigers; ACTU’s Australia Reconstructed; the Gulf States; the Sydney Olympics; and finally the SAS. The only people who didn’t get a guernsey were L. Ron Hubbard and the Dalai Lama. But what does Peter think? What does Costello himself really believe in? After 30 minutes on his feet, he left that to the last line: There is still so much to be done. No wonder John Howard won’t leave office. He doesn’t want to hand over the Liberal leadership to an empty suit. Contact: Michael Cooney 0411 591 120 mob