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Howard, Latham should heed Blair on 60% greenhouse gas cuts.

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Senator Bob Brown Senator for Tasmania

Howard, Latham should heed Blair on 60% greenhouse gas cuts

28th Sep 2004

Australia loses out in multi-billion dollar market.

Australian political leaders Mark Latham and John Howard should heed British Prime Minister Blair's confirmation yesterday that the world will need a 60% cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 to help offset global warming (see Fin. Review, p.12).

"That's the CSIRO's advice to government here too, but both party leaders have their heads in the sand," Greens Senator Bob Brown said.

"Australia should not only adopt an aim to cut gas emissions by 60% but jump back into the race to manufacture renewable (solar) energy and energy efficiency products for sale here and export to the world.

"Under John Howard, Australia has been a loser in the multi-dollar renewable energy markets now growing at 20-30% per annum.

"The Greens would kick start this industry by adopting mandatory targets to increase renewable energy and improve energy efficiency, plus a $1 billion plan to put solar panels on 300,000 Australian rooftops," Senator Brown said.

Russia has indicated in the last week that it is moving closer to signing the Kyoto Protocol, which will bring it into force, leaving the US and Australia as the only developed countries outside the framework.

"Global warming should be a key issue in this election but the two prime ministerial aspirants have barely mentioned it," Senator Brown said.

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