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New GP super clinic for Cockburn.

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31 August 2009

New GP super clinic for Cockburn

The Rudd Government today announced $6.65 million funding to deliver a new GP Super Clinic

at Cockburn.

The new GP Super Clinic will deliver better health services, take pressure off local hospitals, and

make sure families can get the health care they need.

Cockburn is a growing area, and services provided at the new Cockburn GP Super Clinic will

focus on young families, including:

z childhood and adolescent community health

z antenatal care

z post-partum midwifery and shared care services

The clinic will also offer extended hours of service, a pharmacy, and integrated chronic disease


In addition, the GP Super Clinic will provide training and education for medical, nursing and

allied health students, as well as connections to universities for primary care research.

GP Super Clinics are a Rudd Government initiative to improve access to quality health care in

our community.

They are a significant investment in taking pressure off our hospitals.

The National Health and Hospital Reform Commission’s final report recommended that the

Government improve access to comprehensive and multidisciplinary primary health care

services in a single community location - which the Government’s GP Super Clinics deliver.

The Government has now signed contracts for 25 GP Super Clinics and construction is underway

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at eight sites.

$275 million has been allocated to establish GP Super Clinics in communities around the nation,

and the new GP Super Clinic announced today brings the total number of clinics funded by the

Government to 35.

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