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Greens hypocrisy at its best.

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Last updated: 25 June 2004

Greens hypocrisy at its best

DAFF04/128M 25 June 2004

After a five hour filibuster on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Bill, viciously attacking the Labor Party for yet another backflip, the Greens hypocrisy reached its peak.

After all of the bile and vindictiveness directed to the Labor Party for its back flip, a reasonable person would expect the Greens would have nothing to do with Labor.

But where will the Greens direct its preferences at the next election?

No prizes for answering, Green preferences will go to Labor - yet again.

For all the stunts and outrage, when the crunch comes the Greens will always favour their left wing mates in the ALP.

The hypocracy of the Greens knows no bounds!

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