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Highway to Geelong needs money.

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Media Release

Senator Kim Carr

Manager of Opposition Business in the Senate

Labor's Parliamentary Secretary for Education




Highway to Geelong Needs Money



The Australian Senate today threw its weight behind the growing calls for the Feder al Government to stop delaying funding for the Princes Highway between Melbourne and Geelong, and to declare the road either a national highway or a road of national significance, “Victorian Senator Kim Can said today.


The Senate motion, if adopted by the Government, would enable the much anticipated Federal funding to be made immediately available and for urgent upgrade works to proceed.


“The Melbourne to Geelong road carries 90,000 vehicles per day, has claimed 87 lives since 1990 and has lost untold millions of dollars in revenue due to severe peak hour traffic.


“The Federal Government should stop playing party politics over the Geelong Road update, and announce the much discussed decision to provide Federal funds.


“Whilst Government sources are reported as saying that the $120 million in Commonwealth funding will be announced during the as yet unannounced State election campaign, the road continues to deteriorate and lives are lost.


“It is simply unacceptable that Commonwealth funding for this major link between Victoria’s two largest cities could be cynically manipulated for State election purposes.


“Action on a major upgrade now would not only save lives, but would provide the people of Geelong with a rapid road link to Melbourne free of tolls.


“If this road was in New South Wales it would have received Federal funding years ago.


“The Geelong community has been pointing out the economic and social benefits of a roads upgrade for years now, a Federal Government response is long overdue and any attempts to delay an announcement until a State election is called should be condemned as an act of cynical opportunism, “ Senator Can said.


For further comment: Senator Kim Carr or Steve Herbert on 02 6277 3730

No. 56-10 August 1999 13


*249 Chair of the Economics Legislation Committee (Senator Gibson): To move-That the time, for the presentation of the report of the Economics Legislation Committee on the Customs Amendment (Warehouses) Bill 1999 and a related bill be extended to 12 August 1999.


*250, Chair of the Employment, Workplace Relat~ Small Business and Education Legislation Committee (Senator Tierney) : To move-That the tune for the presentation of the reports of the Employment~ Workplace Relations, Small Business and Education Legislation Committee on the provisions of the Tradesman’s Rights Regulation Repeal Bill 1999 and on the Navigation Amendment (Employment of Seafarers) Bill 1998 be extended to 12 August 1999.


*251 Senator Carr : To move-That the Senate calls on the Minister representing the Minister for Transport and Regional Services (Senator Macdonald) to declare that the Geelong Road linking Melbourne and Geelong be treated, by mason of its national importance, either as a national highway or as a road of national importance for the purposes of funding under the Australian Land Transport Development Act 1998.


*252 Chair of the Economics References Committee (Senator Murphy): To move-That the time for the presentation of the report of the Economics

Committee on whether a new reactor should be built to replace the High Flux

Australian Reactor at Lucas Heights on that site or on some other site in Australia

be extended to 1 September 1999.

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On 12 August 1999


Business of the Senate--.notices of motion


Notice given 21 June 1999


1 Senator Brown: To move-That the following instruments be disallowed:


(a) Amendment of section 82.0. 82.3 and 82.5 of the Civil Aviation Orders, dated 28 April 1999 and made under the Civil Aviation Act 1988; and


(b) Exemptions Nos CA SA 14/1999, CASA 15/1999 and CASA 17/1999. made under regulation 308 of the Civil Aviation Regulations.


Seven sitting days remain for resolving.**


Indicates sitting days remaining, including this day, within which the motion must be disposed of or the ammendment and exemptions will be deemed to have been disallowed.


Day for bringing on motion changed pursuant to standing order 77 on 22 June



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