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Kay Hull crosses floor on full sale of Telstra.

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Media Release 15 September 2005

KAY HULL CROSSES FLOOR ON FULL SALE OF TELSTRA “Today I have crossed the floor and voted against the Government’s Telstra (Transition to Full Private Ownership) Bill 2005.

“This bill has been passed by the Senate and enables the Government to sell Telstra at some time in the future and I have cast my vote against such a sale taking place.

“I have continually raised the issues of the Riverina and my opposition to the sale of Telstra for the past five years. I have introduced key players to the table who were able to validate my position on structural separation and retention of infrastructure in government ownership.

“I have remained at the discussion table in order to continually voice my opposition to the sale, but more importantly to try to change the views of my colleagues. On many occasions, this has almost become a reality!

“Today the discussions have been concluded and the sale of Telstra was put in the House of Representatives. I was not able to vote with my party and made the desperately difficult choice to vote against my colleagues.

“This action has not filled me with any joy and I feel despair at the negative consequences that the future sale of Telstra will have on the electorate of Riverina.

“Some may criticise me for waiting until the final bells rang before publicly announcing my intentions, however I am expected to be a tenacious fighter in Canberra for the interests of individual concerns. I am very comfortable that in the debate on the sale of Telstra I have excelled myself considering I have been subject to the most significant criticism.

“If the residents of the Riverina want a work horse in Canberra than I capably fill this role however if they want a slick, smooth talking politician interested in personal career opportunities than I am the wrong person.

“I have made this decision with the best intentions on behalf of my electorate. If I am wrong about the implications of the sale I will rejoice and gladly admit my error, however if I am right I will be able to live with myself.”

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