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Industries Assistance Commission report- Woven man made fibre fabrics

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Press Statement No . j 9 December 1974

Industries Assistance Commission Report -

Woven Man-Made Fibre Fabrics

The Prime Minister, Mr Whitlam, today announced the Government's decision on the report of the Industries Assistance Commission on Woven Man-Made Fibre Fabrics.

Mr Whitlam#said that the Government accepted the long-term level of assistance of 40% for "traditional" fabrics (e.g.-, of nylon or polyester but not polyolefin) as recommended by the Commission but because of problems presently being experienced by the industry it had been decided to introduce as from today tariff quotas on a

short-term basis. On polyolefin fabrics the Government has accepted the recommended long-term level of assistance of 22.5% but decided to reduce the present rate to this level over a two year period.

The Government decided not to accept the supplementary •recommendations received from the Industries Assistance Commission for an increase in tariff levels for certain fabrics for 12 months as it considered that the arrangements for tariff quotas should

adequately achieve the necessary short-term protection for the : industry.

Mr Whitlam said that the Government had also decided to extend duty-free admission under by-law to certain light-weight fabrics including some used in the production of school uniforms.

The Minister for Manufacturing Industry will have responsibility for the policy aspects of the administration of tariff quotas and he will announce detailed arrangements in the near future.

Mr Whitlam said that details of the customs tariff changes arising from the Government's decision will be announced when administrative arrangements to implement them have been finalised.

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The Government has also prescribe the industry producing woven man-made fibre fabrics as being eligible for structural adjustment assistance.

Canberra, A.C.T.