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New members of Australian Council for the Arts and its boards

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Ne w m e m b e r s o f Au s t r a l i a n c o u n c i l f o r t h e


The Prime Minister today announced the names of 46 new members of the Australian Council for the Arts and its seven specialist boards. These new members will replace foundation members of the Council and Boards whose terms end on 30 June.

In announcing the names the Prime Minister said that he had decided to implement at this stage the principle of rotating membership on which the new organisation would be based. The system meant that the Council and Boards' would have an annual ' changeover of a proportion of the membership while keeping a working continuity of experienced people. Over a period of

years this system would enable many Australians to participate in the work of the Council. It would also ensure a flow of ; .

new ideas and values.

The Prime Minister said that the list of new appointments included many people who had put their names forward in response to a public request by the Council for people wishing to serve in this way. The Prime Minister expressed his thanks to the many hundreds of people who had offered their services. He said that ' these names would be kept on a list for future reference when new vacancies occurred. The enthusiastic response from such a wide

sector of the community was a matter for great encouragement.

Mr Whitlam said that he wished to express^his great gratitude to those members ending their terms of office. "The establishment phase of any new national institution necessarily involves a period of difficulty and considerable dedication on the part of those involved," he said, "in the case of the Council for

the Arts, many of Australia's best artists and many people from the general community with very heavy personal responsibilities have been willing to give most generously of their time and interest to plan an organisation appropriate to the particular needs of the arts and to sit on boards and committees to establish policies and decide on financial allocations. Without the generosity and : enthusiasm of these people we would not have succeeded in generating the degree of activity and wide interest in the arts which have become apparent over the last 18 months. The sacrifices made by members with busy careers indicate a dedication to the interests

of the arts of which Australia may feel truly proud". / ---/2

I -2-



* *

* *

Mr Whitlam said that the new appointments had been made with a particular eye to one aspect of Government policy in the arts - namely the aim of increasing awareness, appreciation and participation in the arts throughout the general community.

"We must at all times ensure through the Council for the Arts that Australia provides for the interests of its best professionals and enables people to plan and pursue careers in the arts at the very highest level in their own country. However this objective , would be empty without a commensurate degree of community

interest and involvement," the Prime Minister said. "Many of the . new members will be able through their background and experience to contribute to policies which will enable the arts to pervade the whole texture of our society so that no citizen will be deprived

of an opportunity to enjoy what the arts have to offer either as a participant or as a member of the interested public."

The list of members appointed from 1 July is as ,

follows: :



Professor P. Karmel


Mr J. Menadue

Mrs B. Burstall

Mr Justice R.M. Hope

Mr C .P . Bogard

Dr K. McKinnon

Mr W. Curran

Mr E. Costanzo


Mrs Nancy Keesing

Mr John Mostyn

Mrs Marea Gazzard

A.C.T. Chairman, Australian

Universities Commission

N.S.W. . Managing Director,

News Ltd.

Victoria Teacher: La Mama Theatre




Chairman, Old Tote Theatre

Managing Director, Home Units of Australia Pty Ltd: Director, Nimrod St Theatre. .

Chairman, Australian Schools Commission

Victoria Secretary, Australian Meat Industry Employees' Union:r ‘ Potter

N.S.W. Editor "La Fiamma" · . .

(See Board Lists for State and .

.Qualification) ?

Literature Board '

Theatre Board

Crafts Board

Visual Arts Board Mr John Baily

. . . /3


Mr Phillip Adams

* Mr «Ken Tribe

Mr Dick Roughsey


Sir John Bunting, C.B.B.

Mr A.P. Renouf, O.B.E,

Mr J.H.M. Oswin


Mr David Williamson

Professor Ian Turner

Miss Doreen Warburton

Mrs Barbara Manning

Mr John Curro

Mrs Joan Campbell



Mr John Mostyn

Mr Colin Cave

Mr Anthony Steel

Mr Tom Brown

Mrs Patricia Wynn

Mr Don Crosby

Mrs Dorothy Sherry

Mr John Sumner

Film and Television Board

Music Board

Aboriginal Arts Board

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

Department of Foreign Affairs

Department of the Media

Victoria Playwright

Victoria Writer: Associate

Professor of History, Monash University

N.S.W. Director, Q Theatre:


Tasmania Director: Theatre in


Queensland Conductor, Queensland Youth Orchestra

W.A. Potter

N.S.W. Chairman, Friends of the


Victoria Director, Adult Education



Theatre Administrator


* ,

Theatre Consultant

S.A. Theatre patron

N.S.W. Actor

Tasmania Board member Tasmanian

Youth Theatre: Theatre Royal

Victoria Director and Administrator Melbourne Theatre Co.

.. ./4


Miss Tessa Mallos

Dr Allan Coles

Mr William Hannan



** Mr John Baily

* Mr R. Robertson-Swann

* Mr David Thomas

* Mr Fred Williams

* Mrs Ann Lewis

* Mr James Gleeson

Mr Geoff Parr

Mr James Davenport

Mr Neil Clerehan

Professor Ralph Elliott

Miss Lenore Nicklin





Head, Department of Physical Education, Queensland University

Writer: Director: Teacher engaged in migrant education.

Adelaide Gallery Director

N.S.W. Sculptor: teacher

N.S.W. Gallery Director

Victoria Painter

N.S.W. Private Gallery 7

N.S.W. Painter: Writer

Tasmania Photographer: Painter

N.S.W. President, Contemporary

. . Art Society

Victoria Architect

A.C.T. Master of University House

President, Australian Society for Education through Art

N.S.W. Journalist



** * Mr Ken Tribe N.S.W. Lawyer: President, :

Musica1 Viva .


* Mr Don Banks A.C.T. Composer

* Mr John Hopkins Victoria Victorian

Conductor College of Art s : i

* Mr John Painter N.S.W. Cellist

* Mrs; Elizabeth Silsbury S.A. Teachers' College, S.A.,

Music Education

Mr Bruce Clarke Victoria Composer of Contemporary,

Pop, Rock and Jazz Music

. . ./5


Mr Craig McGregor N.S.W. Music Critic and Writer

Mr Harry Bluck W.A. Secretary, W.A. Branch

Musicians' Union of . Australia ;

Mr John Winther N.S.W. General Manager,

Australian Opera !

Mrs N. Giese N.T. President, Arts Council

of Australia (N.T. Division)

Mr Mike Williams N.S.W. Journalist, Jazz Performer



• '

** Mrs Marea Gazzard N.S.W. Potter ·

* Mr Les Blakeborough Tasmania Potter

* Mrs J. de Gruchy Queensland Designer: Gallery


* Mr M. Isaacs N.S.W. Solicitor, patron

* Mr R.J. Richards S . A. , . Jeweller: Curator :

* Mr F. Belgiorno-Nettis N.S.W. Patron

* Mr T. Heath N.S.W. Architect: Writer

Mrs Solvig Baas-Becking A.C.T. Weaver: President Crafts

Association, A.C.T.

Mr Dennis Colsey Victoria Designer: Chairman,·

Regional Galleries Association of Australia

Mrs Karin Le Mercier S . A. Manager Design Centre, '


Mr Ross Hohnen A.C.T. President, Industrial

Design Council


· ·

Chairman , 5

** Mr Phillip Adams Victoria Film Producer

* Mr Tom Jeffrey N.S.W. President, P.D.G.A.:

T.V. Producer

* Mrs Dawn Brown Victoria Teacher: Film

appreciation ·

. . ./6



Mr Jim McQuaid N.S.W. Theatrical Employees'


Mr R. Mason . N.S.W. Film Producer

Mrs Irma Whitford W. A. Eduction Officer, W.A.

Secondary Teachers' College: Producer, Film and Video Material

Miss Patricia Longmore Victoria Film Maker '

Mr Ross Tzannes N.S.W. Lawyer: President, Sydney

Film Festival

Dr Peter Pockley N.S.W. Adviser, Public Affairs,

University of New South " Wales

Mr William Ferris N.S.W. Managing Director,

International Venture Corporation

Mr M. Carroll S. A. Associate Producer,

S.A. Film Corporation


Chairman •

Miss Nancy Keesing N.S.W. Poet:" Novelist

Mr Tom Shapcott Queensland Accountant: Poet

Mr Richard Walsh N.S.W. Publisher: Writer

Mr David Malouf N.S.W. Education: Poet

Mr Richard Hall N.S.W. Playwright

Miss Elizabeth Riddell N.S.W. Poet: Journalist

Miss Rosemary Wighton S.A. Writer and Editor

Mr V. Williams W. A. Poet „

Mrs Lorna Hannan Victoria Writer: Teacher

Mr Noel McCainsh Queensland English Department, James

Cook University of - Northern Queensland: Editor.

Mr Barrett Reid Victoria Poet": Librarian

.. ./7


β * * * * * - * ^ * '» 0 " · 1-··7 -7 J7·*1· * · ■ •·~<Γ-ί l· '-. f ~Γ · · · ; "· . -·. “ ·-«â–  . . . -·

. f




** Mr Dick Roughsey

* Mr Mick Miller

Mrs Vi Stanton

Mr Albert Lennon

Mrs Kitty Dick

Mr Wandj uk Marika

Mr Harold Blair

* Mr Albert Barunga

Mr Terrence Widders

N.T. Aboriginal painter and


Queensland School teacher of Cairns. Member of Association for Cultural Education of Children of the Peninsula.

Has great knowledge of North Queensland where he is well known.

Part-Aboriginal deeply involved in giving encouragement in arts and craft activities to Northern Territory Aboriginal women. Vice­

President of Northern Territory Aboriginal Development Foundation.

A leading member of the Pitjantjatjara of north­ west South Australia.

Queensland _ , A leader in ceremonial life among the women of Weipa in north Queensland.

N.T. Tribal leader at Yirrkala

in Arnhem Land. Known for his deep understanding of traditional life.





Noted tenor engaged as a music teacher with the Victorian Education Department. Sponsor of

the Harold Blair Holiday Scheme for Aboriginal children from outback areas.

Leading Aboriginal councillor at Mowanjum in Western Australia and, ' member of many Aboriginal


Armidale Teachers' College. Involved in country prog’ ram for the revival of interest in traditions. Trainee film maker.

. . ./8



Mr Ken Colbung

Mr Samuel Gar.araj

Mr Edward Koiko Mabo

Mr Jack Phillipus

W.A. Co-ordinator of Aboriginal

Cultural Enterprise Society, Perth. Active in fostering the arts in the Aboriginal urban


Darwin, N.T. Traditional artist of the local school and leading figure in community affairs.

Townsville A Murray Islander, living Queensland in Townsville. Responsible for establishment of Townsville Aboriginal

Advancement League, Black Community School and Aboriginal Legal Service. A talented performer of

both traditional and contemporary Torres Straits song and dance.

Alice Springs Traditional artist and ritual leader.

Ms Leila Rankine S.A. Actively involved in the

Institute of Narrative and Music of Aborigines ' ’ Inc.

Mr William Reid Bourke, N.S.W. Active in Aboriginal

advancement and welfare projects. Expert craftsman.

*A* Continuing member but not as Chairman ** Continuing Chairman * Continuing member