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Australian Council for the Arts - Grants for Craftsmen

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Pre ss Statement No

21 December 1973 i


: The Prime Minister, Mr. Whitlam, has approved grants ; totalling $199>481 for the crafts.

The grants, which cover all States, were recommended by the Crafts Board of the Australian Council for the Arts.

The Chairman of the Crafts Board, Mrs. Marea Gazzard, said that the grants were an expression of the Government's interest in the crafts as a means of enriching the quality i

of life for a broad range of people. *

M rs. Gazzard said that the growth of the crafts in recent years has been remarkable, especially in the involvement of young people, who fohnd satisfaction in the use of traditional skills as an alternative to a mechanized way of life.

On the other hand, good craftsmanship was the basis of good industrial design, which was vital to Australia's export industry. Other countries had invested heavily in building design skills, and Australia was just beginning to

realise their potential. . .

Among the grants is one of $6,000 to Greg Smallman of Newcastle, N.S.W., a classical guitar maker. Formerly a motor mechanic, his concert guitars have been described by leading musical authorities as "equal to the best in the world".

Working under difficulties including a lack of air-conditioniiig for his small workshop, he has nevertheless produced instruments eagerly sought by leading players. One of his guitars will be presented to Alirio Diaz, the celebrated concert guitarist, when . he tours Australia in February. . .


l,!:v oh' rjHArrs


Tan James !ίΛ;TUSSii'N. Towards maintenance and. equipment . to enable applicant to prepare, for exhibition at the 1974 Adelaide For tiv-'l of Arts in Liturgical Art and Sculptured " Jewellery. . . . $2,500

Biruta FLOOD. To purchase we-;in ng materials for preparation for an exhibition. ■ $500

Mary and William HICK. ' Maintenance for five months to enable experimentation anc' research into handbutiding and throwing techniques, stoneware glazes, and development of a better stoneware body by use of clay processing equipment. $1,5 0 0.

Robin 'HARDlNiM1 !. Maintenance to enable preparation for . · . exhibition of macrame. $3,000

Kevin.Ian JAMES. To purchase tools and equipment for a . jewellery workshop. $4,200

Victor OR EiJAWAY. To purchase pottery materials. · . . $1,750

David BRADSHAW.' To purchase equipment to establish-a· · . ■ ' first pottery workshop. ' ' . " $ 1,750

Ann CRITOTWOOD. Maintenance for 12 months and costs of ' weaving material's to enable applicant to establish herself · ■as ■ ■ full time professional weaver. · $2,865

Ph.y] D!J"i'i. · Maintenance for 12 months while undertaking ■ full t Lm·'· exporimentation in porcelain. $2,500

Embroiderers· "Guild - Victoria.· To enable Guild, to continue · and expand a programme of services, to its country members. $500

Handwcv-yers $ · · Spinners Guild - Victoria. For purchase · of . •.books απ'"1 journals for Guild Library. · ■ · $ 150

Laburnum Gallery. To enable Gallery to conduct courses " ir pottery, weaving and nv-crnme. . $500

'■■chuca , · ■ Districts Y".M.C.A.. Youth Clubs. To assist · development of art and or- ft· activities for the youth of Lchuca. ' . · ■ $500

St.Paul's Cathedrol, Melhourne. Assistance for display and exhibition.of crafts during Spring Festival at the . . Cathedral. ' ' ■ $500

n'Orvyithu Arts f t . Cr.afts Society. To cover cost of promotin'';, printing, post-ge, advertising, etc., for minor· exhibition:; during next 6 months.

East Gipnslunri Wool ft Crafts Group.· ' To purchase equipment for a workshop in shaft-loom weaving.

Mitcham Arts Association. For purchase of two electric potter's Wheels. ' . '

Craft Association of Victoria. To cover costs of work­ shops and lectures·in crafts for beginners, weekend, workshops, lectures to schools and groups, multi ;media or;·ft activity for school, children.· '

1973 Moornba festival 'Craft Happening', and subsidy for secretarial assistance.


Vivienne BTVNS. To cover cost.of materials and preparation for an exhibition of enamelling. .

Margaret TUCKSON. To carry out field work necessary to complete data collection for a survey of traditional pottery in Papua/New Guinea. .

Shigeo SHIGA. To subsidise cost of a trainee working in the applicant's pottery workshop and to purchase pottery equipment. . .

Margaret GRAFTON. To subsidise cost .of a trainee working in the applicant's' weaving workshop.

Ivan EHGLUHI). . Part cost of a kiln for use in pottery school. ' · .

Beryl Margaret ANDERSON. For equipment to establish · a pottery workshop. . ■

Alexander Ian ARCUS. · To set up and equip, a workshop" to produce woven -articles fox1 exhibition.

Plena Mary OFF. Maintenance for 1? months and to · purchase materials for experimentation with body jewellery.

Michele FERMAUIS. To purchase -a high temperature gas fired kiln to produce a series of large textured ceramic panels for exhibition. · "

•ioumiana BECK. To- cover costs of return air fare, living expenses, salary and weaving materials involved in bringing a Bulgarian master, weaver to Australia for four months to conduct workshops and lectures. '




$ 1 ,0 0 0



$ 1 ,0 0 0


$ 1 ,0 0 0






Ί .

Mona 1 FIS"li'C. Maintenance for the applicant, and to subsidise the coot of a trainee wort i ng in her weaving workshop. · . .

Rhohda. ΜΑΙΙΑΠ. To purchase potter,'/ equipment to establish a studio workshop.1 . " · ’

Kerry Charles SELWOQI). To purchase two large kilns for a workshop to prodpee stoneware ceramics.

Irene TWEMLOW. for purchase of equipment to enable applicant to develop her workshop for jewellery making, . enamelling .and sitverwork. .

• Roswitha UULFF. For maintenance, equipment and materials for twelve months to enable full time involvement in pottery. , ,

Robin STUBBS. Assistance to equip a first 'workshop, study casting techniques, and to exhibit and teach locally.

Col LEVY.' For travel and .living expenses and. pottery . . materials for further training under a master-potter in Japan during 197.3/74· ,

Jutta FEDDERSEN. . For fares, living.allowance and resource mate*'inis for a three months tour’ of North Africa to. study · weaving.· , , · ■ . . ·

Peter TRAVIS. To send ceramic work to the Second . International Ceramic Exhibition at Gdansk, Poland. ,

Greg Si’ALLEAH. For materials, equipment and living · · allowance to enable further research and development of · guitar—inaking in' Australia. ’ ·" .

Janet BRERETON. To purchase equipment, for a macrame " · " tapestry. " " . ·

Women's Creativity Co-oper. .tive. For materials and equipment for craft work si) ops during two—day September Festival. ' . · · · .

Glebe Community Arts Centre. Assistance with costs of equipment for craft workshops. . . .

Newcastle Ceramic Group. For purchase of equipment and to aid establishment of workshep.

f ane Cove Creative Arts Group. For'purchase of a pottery kiln and assistance with the cost of workshops in glass­ blowing.

Little Vinegar Leather Works. For· materials and equip­ ment to establish a first leather.


$.1 *5 0 0




■ $350



■ $ 2 5 0

$ 6,000




$ 1,000

. $ 1,025


$ 1,500


% ' '

Craft Association of N.S.W.' Towards cost of printing a special souvenir catalogue for the 4th Biennial . .

Exhibition of the Craft Association of N.S.W., to purchase twenty boxes for display purposes.for craft exhibitions, . and subsidy for secretarial assistance. $4,700

Potters Society of Australia (N;3.W.) Towards costs of · . an Australia-wide exhibition of ceramics. $900

Parkham Players. For materials and equipment for a . creative workshop for children in Surry Hills area. $300

Ceramic Study Group. Purchase of pottery equipment and updating of slide library. $1,880

Jenny" ISAACS. Costs of staging an exhibition of Yoruba pottery and TIigerian weaving in Sydney. $2,510

Peak Hill Creative Leisure Group. To purchase one HPF4 kiln, thermocouple and pyrometer, and one Ward . . daily kick wheel. . . $500

Denillquin Handweavers and Spinners Guild. For fares . to bring tarchers to conduct a weekend workshop. . $50

Harris Centre, Ultimo. To establish a silk screen . . .

workshop. . . . $3,700





Craft Association of Queensland. Subsidy for secretarial assistance.


Buderim Craft Cottage. For purchase of an electric . potters wheel and loom for weaving.

Darling Downs Potters Club. Materials to construct a. gas-fired kiln and cost of workshops. .

North Queensland Potters' Association. To purchase . equipment and library material. :

Coondiwindi and District Creative Arts Group. Costs of tutors for workshops. · . '

Embroiderers Guild of N.S.’ i. To bring design tutor from .England to conduct lectures and demonstrations.

Lapidary Club of N.S.W. To purchase equipment.and cost of professional tuition for 12 months.




Jon DE JONGK. To purchase jewelle ry-maki ng tools, · ' ' for use by 'students in workshops conducted by· the· . . .

applicant. . , . $1,167

Matilda Maria VAN "DA1 'HISSE. To purchase pottery ■ ' equipment for a first workshop. $1,200

Craft Association of Tasmania. Cost of basic ·

jrwe 11 ery-maki rig tools for 20 students and of 10 basic . tool sets for loan, visits by craftsmen to conduct .

workshops, and subsidy for secretarial.assistance. ■ $ 5»932

Worth West Potters' Society. To purchase.books, 2 pottery wheels, electric kiln, projector, typewriter, and for tutors fees and expenses and cost of workshop . . · by a New Zealand master potter. . $1,560

Hayes Potters. Cost of visits by. two interstate .

potters and one Tasmanian potter·to conduct workshops. . $298

Design Croup T.C.A.E. Fo- equipment to establish an . . open workshop in pottery. . . ' · · · . $1,241

Potters Society of Australia. (Tasmania). Cost of . . •workshops by an interstate and an overseas potter. $ 1,500

Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery. To subsidise visit . .by Art Gallery.of NSW Travelling Art Exhibition. , $500


R.F. and D.J. DAWSON. To purchase materials and for maintenance to enable further development in silvermaking. $ 1,550

Jeffrey Dean KIUCIIAM. ' Living expenses while undertaking postgraduate studies and research work on ceramics, under . Les Blakebrough. $2,000

Henry LUIJCKX. To subsidise cost of a trainee working in the applicant's pottery workshop. $3,000

Ian WINTER. To. establish a pottery studio with teaching . . facilities. . $1,000

Rhonda 0GILVIE. For equipment to enable further development in ceramic and sculptural forms. · $450

Keith Ross OGILVIEi To purchase materials and welding equipment for metal workshop. . . $670


Cedar PREST. For research into teachi. ng/training of ' glanr, craftsmen in Germany and for the purchase of material r:. $4*308

Miltdri MOON. Further ass istanoe towards the' Myer Foundation Oeijutsu Fellowship. . . $3,000

Craft Association of S..A. S u b s i d y for secretarial assistance. ' ' ■' $2,000

Embroiderers Guild S.A. To send qualified teachers to the Guild's country centres. . $500

Adelaide Potters Club. For weekend workshops* purchase of a gas kiln and portable wheel, and for one year's tuition for three persons at School of Arts and attendance of one person at two interstate seminars. $897

Benwerrin Pottery. For purchase of an electric wheel and stoneware pyrometer, and subsidy for two trainees for one year. . $4,254

Art Gallery of.South Australia* To subsidise production of film on wool crafts. . $4,000

Handweavers and Spinners Guild of S.A. To purchase one typewriter, two spinning wheels and two 4-shaft table looms. $442

W.E.A. Pottery Club. To purchase a gas kiln and upright electric wheel. $505


Potters Corner. To purchase kiln, and wheel for. pottery work shop. . . $679

Fremantle Arts Centre. For 2 scholarships for resident · craftsmen and materials. $ 10,500

Handweavers and Spinners Guild of W.A. Fare to bring English weaving specialist to conduct workshops in advanced weaving, techniques. . · · . $1,000

Warren Craft Group. For equipment and workshops in pottery, enamelling, spinning and weaving. $400

Albany Potters Club* To conduct a weekend workshop. $100

Handweavers and Spinners Guild. To organise and conduct 3-day live-in spinning, weaving and dyeing workshop for 36 country residents. · $775

Craft. Association of Western Australia. Subsidy for secretarial assistance. . $2,000



Young Womens Christian Association of Canberra. Towards purchase of a kiln and two pottery wheels. . $1,000

Lorraine Ruth MERRONY. Maintenance and materials . to enable applicant to undertake and complete a series of nine large embroideries. $2,900


Assistance to enable inclusion of 24 editorial and ' . •national’ pages in 'Craft Australia'. $2,040

For visit to Australia by Bon Willcox to conduct . lectures, and workshops in wood and leather. . $2,085

For visit to Australia by Harry Hollander to Conduct .

plastics workshops. . $3,500.

For 7 state correspondents of 'Craft Australia' to .

attend a seminar, in Adelaide by the Editor-in-Chief of 'Craft Horizons'. $1,080

To cover immediate costs in Australia of mounting and sending exhibition of craft to the First World Craft Council's Exhibition in Toronto in 1974· $4i500

For the Asian Secretariat of the World Crafts Councilt . including office accommodation, office furniture and . secretarial costs. . . · . $ 10,000