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Film and television school

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Press Statement, E. G. Whitlam, 30 August 1973

The Government will make grants totalling $19,041 as part of its program of as­ sistance to film and television training and education in Australia. The grants were recommended to the Prime Minister by the Council of the Film and Television School.

The grants will go to:

. The Australian Writers' Guild, Sydney $2,124 to assist a writers’ workshop ' for Writing Associates of the Guild. The workshop will deal basically with writing for television. j

. The Film Editors’ Guild of Australia (N.S.W. Branch) $1,489 for film and ; sound editing workshops for junior members of the Guild. j

• William Bunbury of 77 Talbot Avenue, South Como, West Australia j $2,173 to study educational broadcasting planning and production j methods in England and Sweden and to visit the Scientific Film Institute i in Utrecht.

• Neil Leveson of 20 Neil Street, Frankston, Victoria $3,450 for a year’s study at the National Film School, England.

• David Hay of Marne Street, South Yarra, Victoria $4,000 to continue with graduate study in the Department of Theatre Arts (Motion Picture Division) at the University of California, Los Angeles. .

• John Geyer of I Cameroc Avenue, Tranmere, South Australia $407 to spend several weeks on attachment with the B.B.C. in London studying the : latest ideas in current affairs program presentation. .

• Alan Osborne of 12 Elvie Street, East Doncaster, Victoria $2,398 to spend two months in the U.S.A. and England working in the field of three dimensional animated models and related composite/process/optical cinematography.

• Ted McQueen-Mason of 46 High Street, Saint Kilda, Victoria $3,000 to visit film studios and laboratories in England and the U.S.A. studying the

latest techniques in editing both film and videotape and to study the latest sound techniques, particularly in the area of sound mixing for feature film.