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Hobart transport adviser

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Press Statement No. 12 August 1975


Mr R. D . Phillips, Deputy- Secretary of the Department of Transport, has resumed duty in the Department after serving for approximately three months as special adviser to the Premier of Tasmania on Transport co-ordination in the Hobart area.

Mr Phillips was appointed to this position in April as a result . of discussions between the Prime Minister and the Premier, Mr Neilson. 1

Following the collapse of the Tasman Bridge early in January, the Tasmanian authorities have taken a number of steps to provide alternative means of transport between the eastern and western shores of the Derwent River.

Government and private passenger ferries now operate regularly across the river, connecting Hobart's central business district with suburbs on the eastern bank. The Government has constructed the necessary berthing facilities, passenger terminals and car

parks, and has purchased two large ferries.

A temporary Bailey Bridge is being constructed, an additional vehicular ferry will soon be in operation, and roads on both sides of the river are being progressively and urgently upgraded.

The Australian Government has accepted responsibility for meeting the costs associated with these projects, as well as those related to_the—restora-t-i-on— and— w-i-den-in-g-erf hhe- Tasman Bridge and the construction of an additional permanent bridge in the Hobart

area at a later date.

During the past three months Mr Phillips has assisted in co-ordinating the various works, which are the responsibilities of several authorities, and has acted as a link between the Tasmanian Government and the Joint Federal State Co-ordinating Committee established to administer the Australian Government's

financial contributions.

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The Premier, Mr Neilson, has expressed his sincere appreciation of Mr Phillips' efforts. "He has helped us tremendously in a difficult .situation", said Mr Neilson, "and his advice and co-ordinating work has undoubtedly contributed to achieving greater progress in the many transport tasks which faced us in

recent months". Mr Neilson added that he had been grateful to the Prime Minister for making Mr Phillips' services available.

The Prime Minister has also thanked Mr Phillips for his work in Tasmania, and indicated to the Premier that Mr Phillips will be available for further consultation on Hobart transport matters should the need arise. .