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Administrative arrangements

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A .1). AUSTRALIA*^ 30 October 1975


The Prime Minister announced that the Administrative Arrangements Order had today been amended to transfer the administrative responsibility for the procurement, purchase and disposal of goods from the Minister and Department of Administrative Services to the Minister and Department

of Manufacturing Industry.

In the appropriations for the Supply period passed last May, funds for the salaries of persons employed on the purchasing and associated activities were provided for the Departments of Manufacturing Industry and Special Minister of State which both had functions relating to

Government purchasing. When the purchasing functions of those departments were later transferred to the Department of Services and Property (now the Department of Administrative Services) the necessary allocations were provided in the

Appropriation Bill (No.l) 1975-76 which is being delayed by the Opposition in the Senate.

The formal, but temporary, transfer of administration of the purchasing functions will enable the personnel concerned to be transferred temporarily to the Department of Manufacturing Industry and to be paid at least until the end of the Supply period from the appropriations originally

allocated for them. Only a small number of the staff were earlier transferred from the Department of the Special Minister of State, and they too are being transferred to the Department of Manufacturing Industry rather than to their

former department under this temporary arrangement.

The administrative action that has been taken is in keeping with the statement the Prime Minister made on 24 October that the Government will not act other than strictly in accordance with law in attempting to preserve administrative services and maintain wage and salary payments. The action is a consequence of the steps that have been taken to ensure that wage and salary payments will be maintained through the Supply period.