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Location of Australian Government employment

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PRESS STATEMENT NO. 22 October 1975


The Prime Minister, Mr Whitlam, announced today that joint consultative machinery had been established on the transfer of Australian Government employees to growth centres.

The machinery includes a Joint Consultative Committee with representation from the Public Service Board, the Council of Australian Government Employee Organisations, the Council of Professional Associations

and the Australian Council of Trade Unions, which will recommend general conditions of service which will apply to staff transferring to growth centres.

In addition, relocation co-ordination committees are being established for each regional growth centre and for Canberra with representation from the Public Service Board, staff groups, units to be transferred and the appropriate development authorities. These committees will provide a forum to consider the details of the

implementation programs including the timing of specific transfers, special facilities required and any special conditions to apply to staff transferred to the particular centre.

This will ensure that all those affected v/ill have a say through their representatives in the many matters involved in the transfers.

The Australian Government has made further decisions on the transfer of its agencies. These are in addition to the transfer decisions announced on 8 September 1975.

Details of the new transfer decisions are as follows:


Up to 120 Central Office staff of the Department of Labor and Immigration are to be transferred from Melbourne to Canberra over a two year period.

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The Central Office of the Australian Housing Corporation (about 100 staff) is to be transferred from Canberra to Albury/Wodonga as soon as is practicable.

Arrangements are in hand for the leasing of office space in Albury/Wodonga to accommodate a regional taxation office of about 90 staff. The office will# first, supply local services for the people of Albury and North east Victoria, and secondly, administer

the tax instalment scheme for Victorian country districts.

The Government has also approved, in principle, the transfer of the Central Office of the Bureau of Meteorology from Melbourne to Albury/Wodonga. The timing and details of the transfer are subject to further study.


Additionally, it has been decided that the Central Offices of the Pipeline Authority and the Petroleum and Minerals Authority will be located in Bathurst/Orange. The detailed timing of the transfers will depend on further consultation with the units

involved, staff associations, and the development authorities of the receiving locations.

Studies are continuing of units of Government employment in the major State capital cities and in Canberra, aimed at identifying further units for transfer to growth centres to relieve pressure on major cities, and promote the balanced development of growth centres.